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"Very happy, floor is marble and looks brand new. Beautiful shine. I highly recommend their professional work. They were also very careful with my furniture. Thank you!" - Mrs. Z

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Steam Vapor Cleaning - Nassau Bahamas

Steam Vapor Cleaning

We are the only Ultra Vapor Cleaning Technology Service Provider in the Bahamas.

Kills Bacteria, Mold and Mildew:

UltraVapor is proven to kill bacteria (MRSA, VRE, C. dif, E. Coli), viruses (norovirus, etc.) as well as mold and mildew without chemicals.

Great for:



Nursing Homes

UltraVapor technology for commercial cleaning/sanitizing in Hospitality, Health Care, Retail, Sporting Facilities, Public Transit and other public venues.

Developed in Europe, dry vapor or dry steam cleaning technology has been used extensively within European companies for over 20 years because of its effectiveness, intrinsic safety and ecological friendliness. It is now available in North America and is being increasingly used to replace wasteful power washing and to address other cleaning challenges. Trends leading to its acceptance include:

Increased costs for pressure washing due to rapidly increasing costs for water and very high costs associated with treating and disposing of contaminated water.
Increasing restrictions on the use of chemicals and solvents for employee safety and environmental protection reasons.
Increased sensitivity amongst the population to chemicals traditionally used in cleaning which can lead to acute health problems.
Increasing cost and complexity with managing chemical inventories and complying with WHMIS and health and safety legislation.
Increased awareness of the importance of proper sanitizing in public venues. UltraVapor is proven to kill bacteria (MRSA, VRE, C. dif, E. Coli) and viruses (norovirus, etc.)
UltraVapor is suitable for all general cleaning tasks and is particularly effective for:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing grout & tile
  • Removing chewing gum from all surfaces
  • Cleaning and sanitizing high risk contact surfaces such as phones, automated teller machines, toilets & sinks
  • Removing many types of graffiti
  • Killing and removing mold and mildew
  • Eliminating bed bugs and mites

 Rea UltraVapor equipment

  • UltraVapor is proven to kill bacteria (MRSA, VRE, C. dif, E. Coli), viruses (norovirus, etc.) as well as mold and mildew without chemicals.
  • Significantly reduces water consumption and waste water creation.
  • Cleaned and sanitized areas are left dry and ready for immediate use.
  • “Details” equipment removing stains and residue build up including in water sensitive and difficult to reach areas
  • Safely used around electrical equipment, sensors, inside control panels, on motors, etc
  • Does not broadcast water and waste like pressure washing so can be used with less disruption in public areas.