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"Very happy, floor is marble and looks brand new. Beautiful shine. I highly recommend their professional work. They were also very careful with my furniture. Thank you!" - Mrs. Z

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About A.L. Cleaning Company

Business Description

A.L. Cleaning Company is New Providence based and 100% Bahamian owned. The company provides quality cleaning and maintenance of all flooring, upholstery, and work spaces. 


Business Overview


In today's businesses, outsourcing of maintenance services is the preference for the upkeep of public areas and office facilities. The concept of transferring maintenance responsibility to an independent entity is a practice that has exhibited positive results, both efficiently and economically.

A.L. Cleaning Company is committed to maintaining its excellence by adhering to meticulous practices of quality for each job. We have the expertise and experience to guarantee the best work necessary to preserve and maintain a visually pleasing and sanitary environment for flooring and kitchens, as well as public and staffing areas.  

Operations are based, individually, on the terms and conditions of the contract(s) entered into with the customer.

The business operates as a sole proprietorship, owned by Mr. Anthony L. Roach.



A.L. Cleaning Company is owned and managed by Anthony L. Roach, with personnel of highly trained maintenance staff who bring with them over sixty-eight years in the cleaning business. Mr. Roach was previously a high school teacher and insurance broker executive, having served as manager of a leading insurance company in the Bahamas. 

Mrs. Carla Roach, the wife of Anthony L. Roach, maintains the company's accounts and human resource functions as the Human Resource Manager. Mrs. Roach is a senior accountant and Operations Manager with a leading offshore bank. Combining their management, accounting, and administrative skills into a new career has created a quality-driven, customer-oriented business.

Their son, Mr. Anthony Roach Jr., is the Operations Manager. He has demonstrated exemplary leadership between staff and administration alike, and is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree whilst assisting his father with the daily  management of the Company. Citing the need for training in Marble Tile Care, he joined Mr. Roach in extensive training for marble and stone restoration at The Stone and Tile School, located in Florida.

Recognizing that it is vitally important to keep abreast of cleaning trends, products and machinery, the management team of Anthony L. Roach attended a comprehensive, five-day educational program held at the Bane-Clene® Institute in Indianapolis, U.S.A., gaining superior knowledge in techniques and methods of the profession. Mr. Roach was successful in meeting all of the requirements to qualify him as a certified authorized technician. Both Anthony and Alcott Roach attended a comprehensive one-day educational program on Stone, Tile, Grout and Marble Care. Training was also attained in the areas of Indoor Air Quality and Product Safety.

There, they received intensive training in restoring marble, granite and other stone surfaces, as well as polishing, sealing, repair and replacement of tile, both in theory and on site, where training was applied with par excellent results. Completion of the stringent requirements and demonstration of a thorough understanding and ability of the craft of stone restoration and maintenance earned them both accreditation as Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partners. This prestigious partnership allows them access to ongoing technical support from their peers, as well seasoned technical directors who have renowned authority on the subject.

In addition to the professional training attained, the company is the first in the Bahamas to offer the most advanced cleaning system currently available, Ultravapor Technology, which keeps A.L. Cleaning Company on the cutting edge, and brings to its customers the best and most efficient cleaning systems in the world.

External advisors are also sought for management decisions outside the scope of internal expertise when necessary.

The company’s business operates out of the home office and storage facility on Hanna Road in Nassau, Bahamas.


Service Strategy

Our service is based on a customized systemic cleaning process. We are able to solve your previous cleaning frustrations by providing janitorial cleaning services in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, including home and office spaces.

We are identified and distinguished by our customers’ satisfaction through service courses. All employees undergo training to become familiarized with the company’s cleaning systems and standards. All employees are required to meet specific dress, grooming, and service codes at all times.

Our objective is to set a new standard for service in the industry. To achieve this, the following service strategies have been adopted:

  • Customized Specifications: After initial site inspection, a cleaning program is designed to meet the needs of the customer. We develop the specifications for each item of service, room-by-room and detail-by-detail to satisfy the requirements.
  • Scheduling Checklist: The checklist of tasks reassures that we are maintaining the facility in the manner agreed upon. The checklist advises when we are scheduled to clean a particular item or area.
  • Securing Feedback: Through our “Maintenance Report Card” we receive quick and direct written comments and a means to direct our focus to areas needing special emphasis.  We continue to monitor customer satisfaction through walkthroughs, phone calls and written correspondences.
  • Staff Commitment: All employees are informed of the importance of adhering to the service and quality standards, and are fully aware that it is a critical part of their responsibilities.  They are also required to familiarize themselves with the Employee Safety Handbook and their related responsibilities as outlined therein.
  • Employee Incentives: An incentive program has been established to encourage and reward employees who meet our service standards.  



At A.L. Cleaning Company, our goal is customer satisfaction through proper cleaning systems. It is only through specific, requisite systems that we can continually provide our customer with the best service. It is because of this that we have adopted a personality centered on quality customer care. We recognize that the services we provide can be obtained from any janitorial company, but we are the best because we're determined to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time.

We create a positive work environment for our employees. After all, they are the tools for our success. Their positive responses to our quality initiatives in customer service has assured their scrutiny in the execution of their duties.

Training is of utmost importance. It keeps us on the cutting edge so that we are able to meet any cleaning requirements we may be faced with. We continue to monitor the industry's progress, internationally, and update our training and equipment to keep up with current trends.  

Efficient record keeping is also of paramount importance. The nature of the business depends on our administrative control, and has a direct impact on our profitability.  

We are prepared for the ongoing challenge of making this business a success, and we look forward to continuing our journey, providing the best janitorial service in the country.


A.L. Cleaning Company's List of Customers

  • ScotiaTrust (Bahamas) Limited
  • Atlantis Resort
  • Burns House of Companies
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Ministry of Health
  • College of The Bahamas
  • Anglican Diocese
  • Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
  • Private Investment Bank Limited
  • Caves Point Condominiums
  • Ministry of Education
  • Bahamas Agriculture & Industrial Corporation